Bottleneck hangers

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Bottleneck hangers – Say cheers! You’ve just discovered a marketing medium full of fizz

You know the ones – handed over the bar, hanging from a bottle of beer, or lining up along the off-licence shelf. Bottlenecks are capable of grabbing your attention, encouraging repeat purchases and communicating a message that can be kept in the kitchen drawer for quite some time. Yet bottle neck hangers aren’t just confined to the world of beer bubbles and wine discounts. Here we take a look at not only the purposes that they can serve, and the types of brands and businesses they can suit, but also how the design can directly impact just how effective your bottle neck tags are.


Bottleneck hangers are THE business for all businesses

Businesses, brands, companies in every type of sector, listen up – bottleneck hangers aren’t just for pubs, clubs and offies. Here are just a few of the other purposes they can serve.

  • At the gym on bottles of water – promoting classes, sharing health tips or friend referral schemes for gym membership
  • For the local fundraiser on bottles of water or juice – detailing the day’s itinerary or promoting the event’s sponsor
  • At a special event – such as a corporate party, an awards ceremony or Christmas celebration – wishing guests a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (all in your very own glittering branding)
  • For client gifts – and saying a big ‘thank you!’ in your corporate colours, hanging from their favourite tipple
  • For cosmetics firms – that may sell everything from bottles of shampoo and conditioner, to bubble bath and back scrub – promoting a social competition or handing them a coupon discounting their next purchase
  • For cleaning product manufacturers – whether inviting consumers to share their cleaning wins online, or introducing a new product that complements the one the bottleneck hanger is attached to

Bottletag design – Think you’ve read, seen and collected every last bottle tag? Think again.

Bottletags aren’t just your plain-old standard rectangular tag – here are just some of the many other marketing options you have when it comes to your bottles.

  • Bottle sleeves – Bottle sleeves are best suited to smaller bottles (where your usual bottle hanger may otherwise overwhelm the bottle onto which it’s placed). They feature the usual hole for the bottle neck, but the tag wraps around the bottle – providing for a wider area on which to add your marketing message.
  • Bottle balls – Also known as a bottle collar, this clever interlocking bottle neck tag is a little bit different (perfect when your bottle of wine competes for attention amongst many others on the supermarket shelf).
  • Bottle banner – Bottle banners flip the design of a bottleneck hanger to display their message vertically. The interlocking format also means that your hanger stays more firmly in place than with a traditional bottleneck hanger. Suited for use on large bottles, bottle banners also fit neatly and securely onto spray bottles.
  • Can neck tag – Why should bottles get all the attention? Can neck tags do exactly what they say on the tin – allowing you to adorn your message on any canned beverage you so desire.

From prize draws hanging from a bottle of prosecco, to new product announcers topping your best-selling beer, we know what it takes to drive your message home within a bright and bold bottleneck hanger. From an array of die cutters, to professional graphic design, talk with our experts at about what you’re hoping to achieve.

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