What should go on your Bottleneck Tag?

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Whatever you want to call them – bottle neck hangers, bottle neck tags – these add-ons are growing in popularity as a great way of adorning bottles for both decorative and marketing purposes. The tactic behind the bottle tag is pretty simple, but ingenious too. There are lots of different customisation options available with bottle tags, including everything from shape to size and colour but there are a few essential design elements you should always consider to get the best possible result. Here’s a breakdown of the key must-haves in bottle tag design…

Eye-catching text

To ensure your bottle tag stands out, it’s important to add the right text and the right placement of text. The formatting and font choices you decide on can make or break the effectiveness of this marketing tool, so always carefully consider this crucial aspect of design with care.

Reinforced branding

Bottle tags are a great way to reinforce the branding of your business or product, and with the chance to personalise your bottle neck tags for wine bottles or any other kind of bottle neck hang tags, there’s no end to the imagination you can unleash on this task. Be aware of the size and scope of the tag when considering how you’ll present your brand to the world.

QR codes

Setting up a promotion or offering a voucher code can be made much simpler thanks to the advent of QR codes. This small techie detail will take the humble bottle tag into a whole new arena, opening it up to link with promotions, discounts or your online presence in a new and interactive way. Anything which gets people interacting with your brand is a good thing – so why not make use of this capability?


If you feel like keeping everything within the bottle tag itself, then why not use it as a promotional voucher? This would encourage customers to retain the tag and redeem it as required. This is a particularly popular tactic amongst bars and nightlife venues, but it can work just as well with bottles sold in retail outlets.

Ready to discuss your own bottle tag design? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you create a personalised bottle neck tag. With both custom and template options available, you’ll soon be well on your way to increased marketing success.

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