Bottleneck Hangers - A Useful Marketing Tool?

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Bottleneck Hangers - A Useful Marketing Tool?

When you’ve got an event or a show, it’s an excellent opportunity to market your business to as many people as possible. There are a lot of tools and resources that you can use to accomplish this task, and so a lot of people manage to do this by utilising something like a marketing accessory.

Some people hand out pens, some people hand out memory sticks, but we suggest that complimentary drinks are the way forward, especially when you pair them with bottleneck hangers.


So What are Bottleneck Hangers?

To try and make sure that you understand the value of marketing with bottleneck hangers, we are going to talk a little bit about what they are and what makes them so useful.

If you ever been to a promotional event and had complimentary drinks, you may notice that there is a piece of cardboard or plastic which has been attached to the neck of the bottle. That’s a bottleneck hanger. Typically, they’ve got contact details and information of the company holding the event. It might list their services, and it might even be a commemorative item which contains the date of the event.

Why Are They So Valuable?

The thing about bottleneck hangers as a marketing tool is that they are so immediately there that people have to focus on them. If you take a complimentary drink, and there is something attached to it, your first instinct is to stop and read the information on whatever is attached. You get this immediate and concise delivery of information, and it influences your future buying choices. The fact it also comes with a complimentary drink as well means that people are more likely to remember it. It’s so useful because it provides multiple functions at once, and also helps to reinforce your brand.

How do I Get Them?

If, like us, you have seen the worth of a bottleneck hang out and want to get some for your event, don’t worry. We offer our services as one of the best printing specialists in the Southwest, blending a lot of experience with the tools to create durable and long-lasting bottleneck hangers that won’t fall apart when exposed to moisture. We can also ensure that your designs are printed clearly and that they showcase your brand in the best possible light.

In conclusion, the bottleneck hangout is a wonderful marketing tool, and many companies have used them to success at their various events. Being able to market your brand passively is always a good thing. The problem with conventional marketing and advertising is that sometimes it appears very intrusive, and so a lot of people consciously ignore it. You don’t go to an event to listen to a sales pitch; you go for the atmosphere, the ambience, and the people. So when the advertising in question is more subtle, you pay more attention to it and thus consider that company and their services.



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