Not just for drinks products: how bottle tags and hangers can enhance a range of bottled items

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You’ll often see a bottleneck hanger or two when you’re visiting the supermarket drinks aisle. These nifty promotional tools have been used within the beverage industry for decades; helping drinks manufacturers boost their product visibility and sales numbers.

But you don’t have to be a drinks manufacturer to find value in bottle hangers. Here’s just a few examples of other bottled products where promotional hangers can shine - and a few tips on how to use them effectively for your particular product range.

Food condiments

Whether you’re selling ketchup, vinegar, salad dressing or even dessert sauces, there’s huge competition amongst condiment brands in the UK. How can you make your product stand out amongst the wealth of options in the supermarket condiment aisles?

That’s where bottleneck hangers come in. As well as drawing the eye of shoppers to your product, a tasty recipe or serving suggestion printed on the hanger can influence them to try it out for themselves; all of which helps your condiment product end up in their baskets.

Cleaning products

When it comes to the household cleaning market, value-for-money is crucial. Most shoppers would rather pay more for a cleaning product that actually works, rather than going with the cheapest option which will likely disappoint.

There’s also a greater demand for more eco-friendly cleaning products, as increasing numbers of consumers look to reduce their environmental impact.

Highlighting your product’s superior cleaning performance and/or eco-friendliness with a bottle hanger, then, can help you convince customers to give your product a try.

You could even provide instructions and tips on the reverse of the hanger, including the recommended amount of your product to use per cleaning session - so consumers can save their wallets and the planet.


Toiletries and fragrances

For bottled shampoos, bath gels and lotions, consumers are also looking for products that do what they say on the tin. 

However, many of these products are closely tied to consumer lifestyle and self-image. Using bottle hangers to offer an exclusive giveaway for a holiday, or - if you can get one - a meet-and-greet with a celebrity endorser can be a great way of drawing new customers to your products.

Reusable drinks bottles

Single-use plastics have become a hot-button issue over the past couple of years, and many shoppers are turning to reusable drinks bottles as an alternative to typical drinks products. Meanwhile, health-conscious customers are buying up sports bottles to stay hydrated on their workouts.

But no matter how environmentally friendly or gym-friendly your bottle is, it’ll blend in with all the other bottles on the store shelves unless you have some sort of labelling or packaging to extol its virtues. 

Bottleneck hangers provide a space to highlight the selling points of your product (eg recycled materials, BPA-free, high-grip texture, anti-leak technology etc) right on the front of the bottle.

And that’s not all - can provide custom-printed hangers and tags for pretty much any bottled product. Simply talk to us about your bottle dimensions and print requirements and we can supply bespoke options to match - call us on 02380 878 030 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

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