Should you upgrade to waterproof bottleneck hangers?

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Good news - now offers waterproof material as an upgrade option for all our standard custom-printed bottle hangers, tags and collars. Read on to find out more about this waterproof material - and whether you should upgrade to waterproof for your bottleneck hanger print run….

What is NeverTear paper?

Waterproof hangers, tags and collars are printed on NeverTear paper; a synthetic paper stock designed to be fully water-resistant and tear-resistant. 

It’s a highly durable alternative to standard cardstock, and it’ll keep your hangers safe from water damage even if they get soaked!

Why should you upgrade to waterproof hangers?

A standard non-waterproof bottle hanger or tag will serve you just fine in most situations; but sometimes the waterproof option can offer a little more value. Ask yourself:

Are you selling a product designed for chilled storage?

If you’re producing a drinks product or a food condiment that needs to be frozen or refrigerated (or just a product that simply deserves to be served chilled), choosing a waterproof hanger will ensure it won’t fall apart from the cold humidity of a fridge, freezer or an ice bucket.

This is especially important if the product will be stored in a fridge or freezer at retail - you don’t want the product arriving in the customer’s hands with a soggy hanger around its neck!

Are you selling a product designed for the bath or shower?

Bottleneck hangers aren’t just for drinks; they’re also great for marketing shampoos, shower gels, and even bleaches and bathroom cleaning products. 

But keep in mind that if your product is intended for the bathroom, you’ll need to get your hangers printed on waterproof stock to protect them from both water splashes and the general humidity in the room.

Whether you’re after waterproof hangers or the standard non-waterproof option, you can expect excellent print results from the team at For more information on NeverTear paper or to request a quote, call us on 02380 878030 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

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