Should you upgrade to waterproof bottleneck hangers?

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Good news - now offers waterproof material as an upgrade option for all our standard custom-printed bottle hangers, tags and collars. Read on to find out more about this waterproof material - and whether you should upgrade to waterproof for your bottleneck hanger print run….

Bottleneck Hangers - A Useful Marketing Tool

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Bottleneck Hangers - A Useful Marketing Tool?

When you’ve got an event or a show, it’s an excellent opportunity to market your business to as many people as possible. There are a lot of tools and resources that you can use to accomplish this task, and so a lot of people manage to do this by utilising something like a marketing accessory.

Some people hand out pens, some people hand out memory sticks, but we suggest that complimentary drinks are the way forward, especially when you pair them with bottleneck hangers.

Bottle Neck Hangers

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Bottleneck hangers – Say cheers! You’ve just discovered a marketing medium full of fizz

You know the ones – handed over the bar, hanging from a bottle of beer, or lining up along the off-licence shelf. Bottlenecks are capable of grabbing your attention, encouraging repeat purchases and communicating a message that can be kept in the kitchen drawer for quite some time. Yet bottle neck hangers aren’t just confined to the world of beer bubbles and wine discounts. Here we take a look at not only the purposes that they can serve, and the types of brands and businesses they can suit, but also how the design can directly impact just how effective your bottle neck tags are.

What should go on your Bottleneck Tag

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Whatever you want to call them – bottle neck hangers, bottle neck tags – these add-ons are growing in popularity as a great way of adorning bottles for both decorative and marketing purposes. The tactic behind the bottle tag is pretty simple, but ingenious too. There are lots of different customisation options available with bottle tags, including everything from shape to size and colour but there are a few essential design elements you should always consider to get the best possible result. Here’s a breakdown of the key must-haves in bottle tag design…

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